Our Pastors 

Pastor Nathan Britton, Senior Pastor

Faith Baptist Church is led by Nathan Britton who has been the Pastor since September of 2015.  Nathan has a passion for preaching the Word of God in line with its historic, literal context.  His desire is that Faith Baptist Church serve faithfully, and in line with the faith handed down once for all.  That faith is the only hope, no matter the direction of the world or cultural norms of the time, because it elevates Jesus Christ to His proper place--as the one and only solution to the brokeness of the world caused by sin. 

Nathan married Katrina on May 19, 2012.  They currently have three children: Isaac who was born in February of 2013, Josiah who was born in June of 2014, and Adoniah who was born in August of 2015.

Nathan was raised the son of a Baptist minister in Southern Michigan along with his five siblings.  At the age of twelve, Nathan's parents became regional missionaries in Northern Michigan for the youth program, Awana.  This ministry involved the whole family and required much travel for church visits, family concerts, and various Awana events.  Following highschool, Nathan received a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Hillsdale College and a Masters in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. 

Katrina grew up in Houston, Texas where she had the privilege of being raised in a Christian home along with her younger sister.  Following her graduation from high school, Katrina devoted her life to ministry both at home and abroad in the areas of music, children's ministries, the discipleship of teenage girls, and short-term mission work in various foreign countries.  She holds an Associates Degree in Theology and a certificate of Spanish language proficiency.  Since her marriage to Nathan in May, Katrina has found great enjoyment in being a wife, homemaker, and mother!

Nathan and Katrina served in ministry in Katy, TX, and Taos, NM prior to come to Faith Baptist.  Nathan and Katrina are excited to be involved with God's work here in Bidwell, OH.  As they like to say, "we're just ordinary people with an extraordinary God."