Since its inception, Faith Baptist Church has had a desire to emphasize world missions.  We currently support those serving around the world (Brazil, Spain, Papua New Guinea, Liberia, England, South Africa, Portugal, Romania, Tanzania, India, Asia Minor, and Eastern Europe to name a few) through our tithes and offerings, with approximately 23% of the total income of the church going to missionary support.  Praise God!

Bill & Debbie Tobias @ Papua New Guinea (ABWE)

Cami McGraw @ Spain (ABWE)

Kelly & Debbie McMaster @ Brazil (ABWE)

Doug & Linda Wilson @ Global Church Planting (GOM)

Tom & Nancy Wolf @ South Africa (ABWE)

Steve & Pam Schenk @ USA (AWANA)

Bruce & Lisa Burkholder @ Spanish Literature USA (BMM)

Steve & Vickie Stairs @ Training African Pastors (ABWE)

Charles & Annamma John @ India (BMM)

Brent & Lisa Lowe @ Portugal (ABWE)

Lisa Newland @ Children's Ministry in Tanzania (BIMI)

Steve Cook @ Jewish Worldwide Missions Ministries

Lucas & Kimberly Warner @ Romania (BMM)

Stephen & Veronica Poindexter @ Liberia (ABWE)

Paul & Laura Faulks @ Salt Lake City, Utah (BMM)

Daniel Lethers @ Hope Radio in Togo-West Africa (ABWE)

Joe & Esther Keim @ USA (MAP)